Living in Europe is great.

Living in the center of a multinational alliance with their own languages, cultures, music and tastes is great to be able to walk through the streets of a small French town in the morning but having dinner in Rome, Barcelona or Hamburg. I made a day trip to London once, a weekend in Milan or Rome. A short trip to Copenhagen, watching a soccer match in Camp Nou (that’s the stadium of FC Barcelona), visiting distilleries in Scotland or enjoying the beautiful city of Prague. Everything is so different and yet easy to reach.
With the Euro (that’s our currency- exempt in the UK and Switzerland) and Schengen (again, except UK and Switzerland) traveling is as easy as a bus ride to the next city. Low cost airlines make it affordable and cabin luggage is all you need. 
Even the hoop to Africa with their northern countries like Tunisia, Egypt and Morocco is not that far. A little more difficult but not much more than traveling to the UK (sorry guys, you really should join the Euro and Schengen).
Get out of you home, drive to the Airport Friday after work and enjoy a vino in Rome!
Thanks Europe for making this possible. 

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