My Apps

I’m developing Apps for iOS and macOS. You can download them through the App Store.

Game Collector is my App to manage a video game collection. With iCloud enabled sync, your game collection ist stored on your personal iCloud account. The game information is pulled from IGDB, but can also be modified manually.

PhotoSort for iOS is like Tinder, but without strange people sending you weird messages. PhotoSort loads your pictures and presents them to you to quickly sort through them. Keep what you like, delete what you don’t want anylonger.

SecondClock for the Mac brings a second clock to the menubar. Doing this, it enables you to see what time it is in a different time zone. You can see if your friends abroad are awake or if your coworkers on the other side of the world are still in the office.

MultiWatch of iOS brings you the ability to run multiple stopwatches on one screen. You can give them different Colors and track individual laps. You have the option to start and stop all stopwatches at the same time or individually. A helpful app for coaches and trainers.

StadiumCompass on iOS shows you the direction and distance to your favourite stadium. It contains information about football (soccer) stadiums from 1st & 2nd German Bundesliga, La Liga, Premier League and a selection of other stadiums from other leagues.

GPXExporter is an app extracting the location (GPS) information from your photo library and let you save it locally as GPX file. This file can be imported in apps like Fog of the world or other apps reading GPX files.

OneTrickPony is my open source podcasting app. It only subscribes to one RSS feed and is meant of podcast creators to make it more easy for the average person to listen to their podcast. Just install the app for that podcast and everything else will be done automatically.

TicTacEmoji is an iMessage App (yes those exist) where you can play Tic Tac Toe using Emoji. You can play with your friends directly within iMessage. I was just a proof of concept for the launch of iMessage apps. No longer updated, but still working.

Pixel Consoles is a iMessage Sticker Set made out of small (really small) pixel art video game consoles. Whenever I’m in the mood, I’ll design a few new ones and integrate them into this set.


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