Goodbye Google Ads

I’ve decided to strap google ads (Admob) from my PhotoSort App (the only App of mine which used google ads). I’ve integrated google ads in Photosort back in September 2017. I’ve earned with google ads 0,00€ so far. Google ads is collecting data about the user with no added value for my app.

My app will still remain free with a Tier 2 (2,29€/1,99£/$1,99) in-app purchase. Instead of loading ads from a google server, I will just present a notice to support the development.

Less creepy bullshit without any benefit, but more awareness to support your local app developer.


You can download PhotoSort on the iOS App Store for free.

The new Version without Google Ads is version 1.8.6 and has been submitted to the App Store review on April 1st 2018 (not a joke).


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