Likes and hates on Facebook

Dear Mark Zuckerberg,

in the last years we have seen a growing amount of hate comments on social media. Facebook has acknowledged this and tries to perform some counter measurements.

In addition Facebook introduced different kind of „likes“ for posts and comments. One of those shows anger about a post. It’s a nice way to see how people feel about the content of a post.

Before clicking on a post, one can already see how many people reacted to a post and Facebook shows what kind of reaction people give to a post.

Unfortunately the little smilies are not scaled in accordance to the percentage of people reaction in the one or other way.

Let me give you an example: this post about how a tv host collected money for the league battle of a sea rescue team in Europe got a lot of reactions. There were some likes, hearts and angry people. You might think the reactions are spread more or less equality between the people reacting.

If you open the article the view is the same, if you click on the reactions, you‘ll see that 401 people liked, 82 loved and only one person hated the post.

This is misleading and makes people think the hate about the post is equally represented as likes and hearts.

Dear Mark, please change this. Make the hate symbol 400 times smaller than the like. Make it invisible if it’s not an equal number compared to other reactions. Let’s show the haters, that their hate is not a widely accepted opinion.

Let’s make the world a better place.

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