Living in Europe is great.

Living in the center of a multinational alliance with their own languages, cultures, music and tastes is great to be able to walk through the streets of a small French town in the morning but having dinner in Rome, Barcelona or Hamburg. I made a day trip to London once, a weekend in Milan or Rome. A short trip to Copenhagen, watching a soccer match in Camp Nou (that’s the stadium of FC Barcelona), visiting distilleries in Scotland or enjoying the beautiful city of Prague. Everything is so different and yet easy to reach.
With the Euro (that’s our currency- exempt in the UK and Switzerland) and Schengen (again, except UK and Switzerland) traveling is as easy as a bus ride to the next city. Low cost airlines make it affordable and cabin luggage is all you need. 
Even the hoop to Africa with their northern countries like Tunisia, Egypt and Morocco is not that far. A little more difficult but not much more than traveling to the UK (sorry guys, you really should join the Euro and Schengen).
Get out of you home, drive to the Airport Friday after work and enjoy a vino in Rome!
Thanks Europe for making this possible. 

Do we still need desktop / laptop computers?

My MacBook Pro is from late 2008. Except of upgrading to an SSD and a new battery not much has changed on the machine since I bought it. It’s about 5 1/2 years old now. While the MacBooks sold by Apple have improved a lot within these years, my requirements on a computer hasn’t changed a lot. Even the updates of the operating system from Mac OS X 10.5.5 to the up to date OS X 10.10 had no negative effect on the computer’s performance.

While still wanting a new computer I was wondering why.

I might have to say that I own a second Mac underneath the TV acting as a Server. This machine is a 2011 Mac mini. I use it as local storrage for my photo and media library.

Back to my wish to buy a new computer, I was thinking about what I need and what I want. I checked my requirements on what I’m doing with it and discussed with some friends and colleagues. Besides the speciallity that I do some iOS development, my other requirements are photo and simple video editing (from my GoPro) and surfing the web. Quite simple. Only the iOS development can (currently) not be done on one of my non-Mac-devices. Photo- and the simple Video-editing I do can be done on the iPad on a very good level – I did this during my last holiday. During that 6 weeks trip, I only took my iPad and my iPhone. I edited photos, wrote blogposts and edited video coming from the GoPro and my EOS M3.

Speaking to my colleagues I found that most of them don’t even do that, but own a PC mostly to surf the Internet / do Facebook and connect it to a TV to watch videos. Both can be done on a smartphone very easy, if not much better than on a PC with keyboard and mouse connected to a TV. If I wouldn’t have restared development or if Apple would provide a development environment in iOS, I would not need a Laptop or Desktop machine.

The need of managing your own music library is, with Apple Music and Spotify not needed any more. TV Series and movies are coming through iTunes, Netflix and Amazon Video (the last is not include in amazon premium in france, which is really sad). After realizing this, I believe the promissed post-pc era is already there. But it’s not the tablet replacing the PC, it’s the phone. We just haven’t realized it. And I would include myself in this. I guess even though I could do everything I do on my device, I still would buy a new Mac. I don’t know why. I guess we are just not ready for post-pc eventhough our environment and all the services we use are. Maybe this upcoming Retina MacBook Pro will be my last ‚real‘ computer.

Multi room wireless sound system

Since 1999 I’m carrying the same sound equipment with me. A Yamaha RX-V496RDS with relatively small 5.1 Quadral speakers. Within the last 16 years a lot has changed. I watch less movies, especially much less delivered on spinning plastic discs. I moved several times, the equipment stayed the same. I recently ditched the Sony 5-CD changer which I haven’t used at all in my last two apartments. Now the other parts of that setup has to go.

As the apartments get bigger, with more rooms, compared to what I used to live in as student, I wanted a system covering several rooms. As I’m renting the apartment I don’t want to drill holes and put cables in every room, that’s why something wireless needs to serve this purpose. As I‘ getting lazier and don’t want to build a audio-Frankenstein out of my old equipment with wireless components from different companies, I wanted an integrated system.

I do have some other requirements on the system and the longer I researched, the more requirements are appearing.
(mehr …)

iPhone 6 (128 GB) zu verkaufen (simlockfrei)


Ich verkaufe mein sim- und netlockfreies iPhone 6. Es ist ein spacegraues 128GB Telefon. Es hat gerade einen neuen Bildschirm von Apple bekommen (wurde danach nur noch zum löschen des Telefons benutzt) und hat keinerlei Kratzer oder ähnliche Macken (siehe Fotos). Es sieht aus wie neu.

Das Zubehör (bis auf das USB Netzteil) sind nagelneu und original von Apple (neue Kopfhörer, neues lightning Kabel). Es hat noch ca 10 Monate Apple Care+ (Erweiterte Garantie direkt von Apple)

VHB 650 Euro (inkl. versichertem Versand aus Frankreich – oder Übergabe am 29. oder 30. November in Hamburg). (mehr …)